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Whether you're looking to stay on top of important tasks or simply want a little help staying motivated throughout the day, ChitChat has it covered. Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to set up text reminders to yourself, sent at random times, for any purpose, so you can be reminded to focus on what really matters.

Here are just a few of the ways that people like you are using ChitChat:


Call Your Grandma Today!

1x - Weekly


Stop what you are doing and take some deep breaths

1x - Daily

Spiritual Growth

Take 30 seconds to pray for your friends and family

2x - Daily

Better Health

Stop and drink a glass of water!

4x - Daily

Positive Thinking

I can't do everything today, but I can take one small step.

1x - Weekly

Professional Life

Encourage your team today! They deserve it!

2x - Monthly

It's Your Turn

How will you personalize ChitChat to improve your life?

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ChitChat: The App That's Changing The Way We Think About Reminders

  • Direct to Your Phone: Uses text messaging (SMS), which is more disruptive and attention-grabbing than other notification methods.
  • Surprise Element: Sends notifications at random times to make the reminders more effective. A more spontaneous and personalized way to stay connected.
  • Multiple reminder frequencies are available to bring flexibility (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly).
  • Only for You: These are not group messages or reminders for friends. They're exclusively for your eyes, ensuring your reminders stay personal and private.

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Currently only available in the USA and Canada
7-Day Free Trial
Starter Plan
Up To 300 SMS Reminders a Month


Per Month

* By joining ChitChat you agree to receive text messages to your phone and to our Terms of Service

7-Day Free Trial
Growth Plan
Up To 500 SMS Reminders a Month


Per Month

* By joining ChitChat you agree to receive text messages to your phone and to our Terms of Service

Business Plan
Minimum of 5 Users


Per User/Per Month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Add/Remove Users From Dashboard
  • Up To 500 SMS Reminders a User / Month

* By joining ChitChat you agree to receive text messages to your phone and to our Terms of Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this app do?

At it's core, ChitChat is a reminder app. You create custom reminders in the app for anything and everything important. The main difference between ChitChat and other reminder apps is how these reminders are delivered to you. We send reminders via text message (SMS). We believe text message reminders get your attention faster and more often than in-app notifications. We also send these reminders at random times. In your reminder settings you will set your reminder timeframe (the window of time in which you want to receive the reminder), we then send those reminders to you at a random time within that timeframe. We have found that the spontaneousness of these reminders help people to be more productive and actually get the important things done.

How much does ChitChat cost?

ChitChat offers three plans to give you the flexibility you need. The Starter Plan includes up to 300 text reminders per month (approximately 10 per day) for $5 per month. The Growth Plan includes up to 500 text reminders per month (approximately 16 per day) for $10 per month. The Business Plan gives you everything in the Growth Plan but with the ability to add users under one payment account at a discounted price. The Business Plan requires a minimum of 5 users ($40 a month). Please note that our service is only available in the USA and Canada at this time.

Can I use ChitChat to send messages to multiple contacts?

ChitChat currently only supports sending messages to your personal phone number. This is intentional, as our app is designed to help you send personalized reminders to yourself for important tasks, events, or people in your life. The focus of ChitChat is on building stronger relationships and staying on top of important things, one message at a time.

Is my data and information secure with ChitChat?

Yes, we take the security and privacy of our users very seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and follow best practices to keep your data safe and secure. You can see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement here

Can I cancel my ChitChat subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your ChitChat subscription at any time from your dashboard (just click your avatar), and you can manage your billing account from there. Keep in mind that when you cancel your account, it is deleted immediately and there is no recovering it!

How do I set up reminders in ChitChat?

Setting up reminders in ChitChat is easy! Simply add a new "chitchat" by choosing your reminder frequency and the total you want in that time frequency. Give it a name and a message and then select the hours of the day that you are ok with receiving your reminders. Once you save your chitchat, you'll start receiving random reminders at the chosen intervals!

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